Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update 9-16-08

We didn't get up a review yesterday and it doesn't appear there will be one today, but there is good reason for this.

Neil and I have been discussing our idea for a website to post on instead of filling blog after blog. It will essentially be the same thing except there will be links to reviews, profiles of reviewers, podcasts, and news.

Speaking of Podcasts, Neil has been playing around with them for the past week and they've sounded great. We're going to record our first one later this week and will try to have it posted by Friday sometime. Our topics include Metallica (new album out), Dead Rising (re-released as a platnuim game and Wii version on this classic zombie game) and then what we're currently doing and what's going to be coming out.

Get excited to have us on your MP3 player.

We are still trying to decide a name for our site. Mediawhore and Fell in Love with Tech have both been taken as Domain names. Anyone that has any ideas that stick will get a front page credit on our site.

I'm about 70% through Mercenaries 2 and will hopefully have that review up later this week. I've also just finished Metal Gear Solid 3, Orange Box (third time), and I'm about halfway through Silent Hill 2 in anticipation of Silent Hill: Homecoming in two weeks.

I'm not too sure what the other reviewers are currently gaming. I know Neil was considering Yakuza 2 for the Playstation 2. Joe is tearing up Force Unleashed, and no matter what the other reviewers across the planet say, he's having fun thus far. Matt is constantly taking in all types of media so it's anyone's guess as to what he will throw at us this week. We might also add one or two more reviewers in the near future. It just depends on what kind of content they can produce.

Keep checking in, lots of great stuff coming soon.


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