Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Rules and Such

So this is my second and a half blog. Reason for starting this is because often times I want to talk about videogames, books, movies, or technology that my normal readers don't really care much about.

So this is where I will post all of that information.

I suppose I need to some ground rules if I'm going to review things.

1) I must have finished or spent many hour using whatever it is I'm going to talk about. I would say I need to finish everything, but not everything is worth it. For instance, I could never finish Turok for the Xbox 360 because its a horrible game.

2) I will discuss the items at hand taking into consideration when it came out, other reviews, similar items, and whatever subjective criteria I come up with.

3) It has to be something I am currently using.

4) Things I will review: Videogames, movies, books, comics, cds, computer applications, websites, and potentially hardware.

5) This is purely for my enjoyment, but I hope also yours. If there is something you wish for me to review, let me know and I will try to track it down.

So there are the rules. If anyone would like to be added to the email list let me know. Otherwise I will include a link on pretty much every site I have control of.

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