Sunday, June 19, 2016

Resident Evil VII Teaser

I usually stray away from demos and teasers. This is partially because of the very limited hard drive space I have on my PS4 and Sony's complete mismanagement of their download list.

The only other teaser I've downloaded this generation was PT.

I obviously have a soft spot for horror games, so it makes sense, but this is also because unlike a demo, teasers tend to be very different than the end product. It's a part of game history that in 10 years, someone is going to make an off hand comment about Resident Evil VII Remastered and I will tell them about this strange little teaser.

The Resident Evil VII teaser draws from this terrifying fear of being disconnected from society in a rural area. There's shades of the X-files "Home" episode, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Hills Have Eyes, etc. Basically, your cell phone probably won't work, you're surrounded by forest you don't know, and you don't have a weapon.

The 20 minute teaser mostly let's your brain do all the heavy lifting. You assume bad things are around every corner. There were too many crevices and side doors and hallways, even without Capcom prompting me fear with a noise, I'd slowly hug the wall watching every dark corner.

And then there's the damn ghost girl, the mannequins, and the star of this messed up chunk of software, the family man lurking around the house.

And like PT, there are many mysteries, multiple endings, and fingers that the entire internet is trying to figure out how to use.

I've been pulled into the house several times, trying to explore new ways to solve puzzles, trying to see new rooms, trying to find items hidden in corners like the lock pick.

The teaser excites me. It shows that Capcom knows Resident Evil 6 was mostly a misstep. They had too many people making decisions based off of some sort of marketing graph that shows which games sell the best.

I'll give you a hint, it's usually the games that stay true to themselves and don't feel pandering.

The teaser definitely takes queues from PT and is steeped much more in Silent Hill atmosphere than traditional Resident Evil. If Capcom does deliver an experience like this and you can play the entire thing in VR, how many people are going to die from heart attacks?

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