Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Favorites of 2016: 3-1

I wouldn't be a video game site without a proper top 10 list at the end of the year. Unfortunately, I
don't have games sent to me, or a full work week to dive into longer or stranger game, or even every current console, so there are some large gaps in this list.

There were some AAA games I still haven't touched this year that likely could've made the list. I didn't have time to dedicate to Overwatch and despite the want to play, I haven't touched Gears of War 4.

It was a tough list to put together. I started with 22 games I really liked and knocked it down to 15 hard decisions. Ultimately, I like my list. There's a lot of diversity on it. Lot's of great memories attached to the list.

So, without wasting further words, my top 3 of 2016.

Game 3

Played on: PS4

The Division is one of those "too early" reveals from E3. We were promised being able to use car doors as cover, easy drop in and out co-op, and a great PvP area known as the Dark Zone.

Instead we got a pretty standard cover shooter. We got convoluted menus to jumping in and out of co-op games. And the Dark Zone is a place where cheaters reign.

Despite that though, we got a fun game. Every mission can be played with 3 friends on multiple difficulties. A beautifully rendered New York is splattered with side objectives, roaming named bosses, and seek and find items.

It's a robust game, keeps player numbers up with it's daily missions, randomized underground mode.

Yes, people still complained about the end game, but I'm beginning to think that will be the case with any online multiplayer game. I've dropped well into the 200 hours into the game and every update that comes out adds another dimension to the things you can do.

Game 2

Played on: PS4

Uncharted 4 is beyond a doubt the best looking console game I've ever seen. It's the culmination of
almost 10 years of lessons learned by Naughty Dog.

The voice acting, graphics, game play, level design, sound design all comes together to create the best exclusive PlayStation 4 game.

It's a story that you want to go deeper into. I've wanted to go back and collect all of the treasures to fill in the pirate back story. I've eagerly waited to see if we get single player DLC.

Saying that though, it gets you to a great spot with all the characters. You feel like the journey can be laid to rest or given to the next generation of adventurers.

Game 1

Played on; PS4

Doom did it. A franchise that shouldn't exist out of the 90's came back with a bang.

I'll admit, I wasn't sold at first. I found it boring, but then I realized Doom was slowly training me for the battles I had coming. It took the Nintendo approach to teaching you one or two things every levels and then building onto it.

By about hour 2, I was quick swapping weapons, dodging fireballs, kicking demons in the face, and loving every second of it.

The level design feels like Doom 2. Multilayered bases, monster closets, flickering lights, and powerups hidden throughout.

Doom doesn't take itself seriously. It sets up a premise you could imagine coming from that DND table of the original ID guys. The Doom trooper is this trapped god. This "break in case demons" fireaxe, and boy do you have the tools to fill that role.

The moment the credits rolled, I was already thinking about my next play through with all my leveled up weapons. I was thinking about set pieces and how I would approach them differently. I was thinking about all the secrets I didn't find on my first play through.

I was thinking this would be a hell of a game to play through during the Christmas break.

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